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What is a Certified Kingdom Advisor®?

Certified Kingdom Advisor® is a designation granted by Kingdom Advisors®, Inc. to individuals who have demonstrated themselves to be:


Believers in Jesus Christ

by pledging agreement with the Kingdom Advisors® statement of faith and providing a personal testimony of accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.


Able to Apply Biblical Wisdom in Counsel

by participating in the Certified Kingdom Advisor® Educational Program, as well as ongoing training offerings, and committing to incorporate biblical principles in their financial advice.


Technically Competent

by providing evidence of an approved professional designation (varying by discipline) or having at least 10 years full-time experience in their discipline


Ethical and of Integrity

by agreeing to espouse and practice the Kingdom Advisors® Code of Ethics and maintain active local church involvement, as well as providing pastoral and client letters of reference.


Biblical Stewards

by pledging that they practice biblical stewardship in their personal and professional life and give regularly in proportion to their income.


For more information about Kingdom Advisors® and the Certified Kingdom Advisor® designation, visit


Certified Kingdom Advisor CKA
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