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Ken Renfro Obtains Certified Kingdom Advisor® Designation

Chardon, Ohio – Kenneth Renfro of Stratos Wealth Partners has earned the designation of Certified Kingdom Advisor® (CKA®). Kingdom Advisors, a membership community for financial professionals who specialize in serving the Christian market segment, has granted the CKA® designation to Mr. Renfro. The CKA® is the gold-standard for professionals desiring to offer Christian financial advice.

Kingdom Advisors provides advocacy, training, and community for the Christian financial industry, granting the CKA® designation, and upholding it as the standard of excellence for biblical financial advice. Certified Kingdom Advisors® are set apart as financial professionals who have been rigorously trained to integrate faith into their work at a credentialed level.

Christian clients are discovering the worldview of their financial advisor is of critical importance. The Certified Kingdom Advisor® provides a principled class of Christian financial advisors who have been trained in biblical financial advice. A CKA® desires to assist clients in their Christian values with their financial decisions.

The Certified Kingdom Advisor® must have certain approved degrees or certifications-such as the CPA or CFP® or 10 years of experience in their designated field. Kingdom Advisors also asks for three letters of reference, one of which must come from a church leader. Candidates show commitment to biblical stewardship and Christian values, including charitable giving, by signing a statement of personal stewardship. Once certified, CKA® designees must maintain membership with Kingdom Advisors and take ten hours of continuing education annually.

In the eleven years that Kingdom Advisors (KA) has offered the Certified Kingdom Advisor® designation, more than 1,600 financial advisors, accountants, and lawyers have completed the training. In 2020, consumers searched the online Kingdom Advisors directory for professionals with the CKA® designation more than 35,000 times, or about 100 searches a day.

“We’ve seen a rapidly increasing demand for professionals who specialize in the planning differentiators that exist when you apply a biblical worldview to financial decisions, whether for financial or estate planning purposes. People of all income levels are searching for the holistic view that sees their finances through the lens of 2,000+ Bible verses on money,” commented Rob West, President of Kingdom Advisors.

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