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Listen to Jeff on the Financial Advisor Success Podcast

Jeff Concepcion, CEO of Stratos Wealth Partners, was recently on the popular Financial Advisor Success Podcast hosted by Michael Kitces.

What You’ll Learn In This Podcast Episode

  • An overview of Stratos Wealth Partners.

  • The various services they offer to advisors.

  • Why mature advisory firms should have a succession plan in place.

  • How their payout grids work.

  • What compliance and technology look like under the Stratos model.

  • The typical size of the firms that Stratos works with.

  • Why Jeff decided to start his firm. 

  • His experience in the early years of building the business. 

  • What surprised him the most in the beginning. 

  • How Jeff’s role has evolved over the years.

  • What a typical week looks like for him.

  • Jeff’s low point.

  • What comes next for Stratos Wealth Partners. 

  • How he defines success. 

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